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Sunday Fun Day

Join us for a FREE day of fun at Twin Lakes. Bring out your family and make a day of it! We will have entertainment for all ages as well as driving range and food specials. Event start at 11:30 am. For more information, please call 847-934-6050. 

Location: Twin Lakes Recreation Area 


Event Date Time Ages
Boat Races 7/31 11:30 am 16+
Patio Entertainment 7/31 1pm-3pm All
Youth Activities 7/31 1pm-3pm 8+
Moon Bounce 7/31 1pm-3pm 13 & under
Specials @ TL 7/31 11am-3pm All

Turtle Trek

You will not want to miss our annual Turtle Trek Race and Raffle! Adopt a turtle today and you will have a chance to win great prizes, as we will race our fleet of plastic  turtles in Donut Lake. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive $500! If your turtles does not win, don't fret, we will also have over 40 prizes from our wonderful sponsors! 

Location: Twin Lakes Recreation Area 


Day Date Time Fee Ages
F 8/5 6:30pm $5/turtle;$20 snap pack (5 turtles) All

Wine Tasting at Twin Lakes

Enjoy an evening at Twin Lakes and sample a variety or red, white and dessert wines. Sit back and relax as you snack on an assortment of cheese, crackers and other tasty treats that will be available. Great location, great friends and great wine...what more can you ask for! 

Location: Twin Lakes Tent 


Code Day Date Time Fee Ages
205325-02 F 8/12 7:00-8:30pm $15 pre registration/$20 at the door 21+ yrs

Beer Tasting at Twin Lakes

Looking for a good brew? Join us under the tent as we sample beers from a variety of different vendors. Kick back and enjoy and assortment of snacks as you encounter new styles and tastes. Bring your dads, husbands, and buddies out to celebrate at these fun Beer Tasting events. You won't want to miss it! 

Location: Twin Lakes Tent


Code Day Date Time Fee Ages
105350-01 F 9/2 7:00pm - 8:30pm $15 pre registration/$20 at the door 21 + yrs

Harvest Hayride & Bonfire

Get ready for this family-friendly event throughout Twin Lakes Recreation Area. Hayrides will be taken around the park as a story is read, and s'mores and hot chocolate will be ready for you as you relax around a bonfire. The 8:30 pm ride on Saturday will be a scary haunted ride for older participants. Please dress for the weather! Tickets must be purchased in advance. Fee is per person. Adult must accompany children. Children 2 years and under free. 

Location: Twin Lakes Recreation Area 


Code Day Date Time Fee Ages
105800-01 Friday 10/14 6:30pm $5/person All
105800-02 Friday 10/14 7:10pm $5/person All
105800-03 Friday 10/14 7:50pm $5/person All
105800-04 Friday 10/14 8:30pm $5/person All
105800-05 Saturday 10/15 7:10pm $5/person All
105800-06 Saturday 10/15 7:50pm $5/person All
105800-07 Saturday 10/15 8:30 pm (scary) $5/person All

Halloween Party

Register for a SAFE Halloween party in Palatine held at the Salt Creek Sports Center! There will be face painting, games with prizes, a coloring station, a moon bounce and more! Please bring a bag/bucket for your prizes. Note: Pre-registration required. Children 2 years and under are free. Parents are free and must accompany children. 

Location: Salt Creek Sports Center 


Code Day Date Time Fee Ages
105200-01 Wednesday 10/26 5:00-6:30pm $7NR pre registration/$5R pre registration/$10 Day of Event 8 & under

Craft Fair

Bring out your best homemade items and join us for our Annual Craft Fair at the Salt Creek Sports Center. A 10 x 10 space is provided. You can bring your own table or rent an 8 foot table from us. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today! (Please call for a Craft Fair application, 847-259-6890 or see attachment. 

Location: Salt Creek Sports Center 


Code Day Date Time Fee Ages
103200-01 Saturday 11/19 9:00am-2:00pm $35 - Table, 2 chairs & electricity All
103200-02 Saturday 11/19 9:00am-2:00pm $25 Table & 2 chairs All
103200-03 Saturday 11/19 9:00am-2:00pm $15 Bring your own table & chairs All