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Twin Lakes Nature Walk

Nature Trail Improvement Project

Over the next several months, the Salt Creek Park District will be performing renovation work to the native area located along the fence line on the north side of Twin Lakes, just south of Kenilworth Ave.  The renovation project will consist of removing volunteer weed trees and undesirable vegetation between the creek and the fence line, while restoring the native habitat.  Selective plant material will be left along the fence line to provide continual privacy to homeowners that live adjacent to the park.  This project is taking place to rejuvenate and enhance the native trail for the enjoyment of all patrons visiting the park.

August 2017 Update

Stewardship work has been taking place on the nature trail throughout the summer.  Undesirable trees and shrubs have been removed from the woodland area and invasive weeds are being removed as they emerge.  Staff will be dormant seeding the woodland area this fall to complete renovation process.  Ongoing stewardship will continue to take place to improve the establishment of existing native plants.